Do you have or know someone who has a cool video out there and maybe its action has stalled a bit? Let us know, ViDEYS will breathe new life into it. Promote it, market it, and maybe even get it on network TV, cable or major streaming channels.

Use the quick referral form below and give us either your contact info or the artists and we will reach out.

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The Community

Marketing Videos

Our #1 priority is finding great videos that for one reason or another seemed to have missed their target. ViDEYS is here to breath new life into great videos. We don't just want you to get noticed on the internet again, we want to make you big... really big!

FInd Your Team

The ViDEYS Community is an online social network for anything and anyone to get your music mastered and videos produced. From technicians for editing to extras dancing in your videos.

Make Money

The ViDEYS Community is also here to help artists make the money they need to produce great music and videos. From advertising your latest release to advertiser revenue going to your profile/project.


Keep up with our latest videos and help us grow our community. Find videographers, editors, producers, singers, dancers, extras and anyone else to help you make your music video a reality. Join and let us know in your profile your talents and we will make you searchable in our community.

Our Music
What Are We Looking For?


Top 40, Trendy, Dance

Let's face it, if we're going to find you a management deal then this category is what a lot of companies out there are looking for... but don't worry about deciding what genre you are, we will place your videos in all the categories we think you might fit in.


DJ's, Electronic, House, Trap, etc.

One of the hottest genres of music out there right now... BUT remember, for us to play your music on the air you need to have all the rights to your music and videos. No sampling major artists, all original work.


Hard, Soft, New

This classic category is pretty self explanatory. Remember, if initially you are placed into one category, it does not mean that we may not be placed into other categories. We love crossover music!


Rap, R&B, Blues, Reggae, Hard Core, Smooth, etc.

A hugely popular genre... BUT remember, if you want us to help you get noticed, we need PG rated versions of you music and video content if we are going to air it on network television. Our internet shows will carry original versions.