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Showcasing the Best Unsung Hero's on the Internet

ViDEYS has been created for 3 main reasons:

1) To find some of the best unknown and unsigned artists out there and give them a chance to be heard, to be seen, to have their opportunity in the spot light.
2) To create a community solely focused on music videos and all the people needed to create them.
3) To have a profile based site where the members can actually make money off their profile page. If there is an ad on your profile then you are making money off that ad and all of it to go to your next music video.

JOIN and you can search for people with similar interests! Join ViDEYS and find people only interested in music videos and supporting the making of music videos. We love Music Videos!! You guys, regular people, indie artists, have gotten a lot more creative and advanced in creating your own music videos. We are creating a channel with nothing but music videos! All day, every day. But be patient. We are coming to each and every city as fast as we can, bit by bit. Yes, your music videos will be on network TV. Real soon. Hang in there. Support. Love. If you need to contact us, have ideas, want to do a partnership, want to contribute... then send us a message.

Top 40, Popular, Trendy, etc.

Does youR music have that sound that all the Top 40 stations are playing, then that's what we're looking for here. Let's face it, if we're going to find you a management deal or more exposure then this category is what a lot of companies out there are looking for.

DJ's, Electronic, House, Trap, etc.

One of the hottest genres of music out there right now... BUT remember, for us to play your music on the air you need to have all the rights to your music and videos. No sampling major artists, all original work.

Hard Rock, Soft Rock, New, etc.

This classic category is pretty self explanatory. Remember, if initially you are placed into one category, after further review, you may be placed into other categories. We love crossover music!

Rap, R&B, Blues, Reggae, Hard Core, Smooth, etc.

A hugely popular genre... BUT remember, if you want us to help you get noticed, we need PG rated versions of your music and video content if we are going to air it on network television. Our internet shows will carry original versions.

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