Be a VJ (Video Jockey) Host on our show. Audition here. We are looking for 2 types of hosts.
1) “Anchor VJs”  – Those who can submit high quality videos of themselves on a regular basis;
2) “Mobile VJs” – Those “fun” recorded on your phone (by friend or selfie) hosts introducing videos.

We stress that one isn’t better than the other as long as your videos are well done and you are fun, energetic, or wild, outrageous, sexy, or just have that special something in the way you introduce videos, talk to the audience and give some great impromptu sidenote dialog, philosophies, meaningless but funny banter. Same for your “style” (personality, fashion, hair and makeup).

-Please submit videos in HD. You can even use your phone if it records in 1080HD.
-Please submit videos with NO graphics, text, advertising, links or any info in the actual video. We will add it in our own matching format. We reserve the right to artistically edit your video so it matches our format. We reserve the right to edit your video for length or any content we deem inappropriate.
– Background options:
1) Green Screen. Only use green screen if you know who to light it and backlight it. We will add the graphics.
2) Plain. Find a simple, clean not busy background if no green screen experience.
3) Stylish. If you think you have a cool background or location to shoot at just make sure it doesn’t have any brands, logos, subtle product placement etc.
Don’t worry, we will work with you as you submit your videos and give feedback for changes.
-Think about you lighting and audio. Video has gotten pretty easy these days but try and work on your lighting and microphone. Most phone will accept external wireless mics. We will give you tips after you submit you first video as best as you can.

VIDEO SUBMISSIONS  – THE PROCESS: Start out by submitting a video below. From there we will contact you if the production of your video is high quality or has that certain something, after all, as an ViDEYS VJ, the end goal is to market you, to get you noticed, make you famous.

As you read the terms below for letting us use, license and edit your videos, please keep in mind that it is our intention to play videos of you to promote you. We are trying to get you and many other VJs into episodes of a TV show where you may be discovered and move onto bigger things. Think of us as an Idol Search for TV Hosts.

By clicking upload and submitting your hosting video to ViDEYS you grant us permission to:
a) play your video or portions of your video on national and local televisions, cable and other video and broadcast mediums;
b) play your video  on all websites, partner sites and social sites;
c) edit your video to incorporates ViDEYS graphics, including but not limited to such edits as inserting titles, captions, logos, sponsors, factoids, credits, watermarks, etc.;
d) blur out any brands, items, gestures or other things we deem inappropriate or to bleep, voice-over or mute any audio we deem inappropriate;
f)  let us edit your video in one or more sections to shorten the length of the video if we choose to use it in sections of our show, promotional teasers, or other electronic mediums requiring us to do so;
g) let us use portions of your video or audio in promotional clips, advertisements, montages, and other short clips where it is hard to include credits but where we will credit you on our website for such uses.

You understand and agree that, our affiliates and sponsors are creating, not guaranteeing, an opportunity to get more exposure for your video and you agree to the terms herein.

We are not responsible for any copyright infringements you may breach or other acts of harm you may intentionally or unintentionally incur in creating your videos… you are. We are not responsible for any legal actions related to your videos, including but not limited to disputes between current or past managers, agents, producers, sponsors, licensing infringements or offending content  issues you may have breached or incurred without our knowledge. So do your research and make sure the content of your videos is owned by you and in accordance with any and all contractual agreements, federal and local laws for broadcasting online and on television, cable or other broadcast mediums.

In the event that or any related parties do in some way make a mistake in crediting you, or if we in some way cause you harm or anyone involved in the making of your video, you agree to indemnify us of all liability and damages and grant us an opportunity to rectify such mistakes by attempting to re-air a video if possible.

You agree to the terms herein and certify the you have all the rights to grant us permission and licensing rights to use, edit and air your video as described on this page. You accept all liability for granting us these rights and indemnify, its affiliated sites and companies, employees, partners and any other related entities or persons.

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