TIPs & FAQs & Guidelines

Note: our online acceptance policy will be more flexible than our television broadcasting policies, but the guidelines below incorporate “common sense” which you should use in creating your music videos. The world we live in has rules and we need to follow them. Send us a link to your video.  Upon seeing your video for the first time we will let you know if we would like your video with no text or credits so we can insert them or if the way you have it is acceptable. Otherwise we reserve the right to artistically edit it ourselves.

TIP #1 Video Length
We like 3 minute or less Videos… a lot.
If you can edit your video down to 3 minutes, you greatly increase your chances for airing as we are trying to get as many new artists on the air as possible.
If your Video is 3 minutes or longer because the song is that long, and you just can’t edit it down, fine. But make sure its really good and keep you’re intros short. Make sure the beginning (or end) of your video isn’t a lot of “movie storytelling” without you actual song, self promotion, wasted time… you are taking away from us getting other indie artists on the air.
We reserve the right to edit the length of the video at any point we choose (see below).

TIP #2 Advertising and Self Promotion
1) We reserve the right to refuse, edit your video or blur out adverting FOR ANY REASON or it greatly increases the odds of us just not using your video. So don’t put advertising/sponsors in your videos. Lots of reason why we, our sponsors, and our network carriers will have conflicts with this.

2) We are not responsible for any copyright infringements you may breach in creating your videos… you are! We are not responsible for any legal actions related to your videos, including but not limited to disputes between artists, producers, talent, sponsors, investors, copyright, trademark, licensing infringements or offending content and likeness issues.  So do your research and make sure the content of your videos is owned by you and in accordance with any and all contractual agreements, federal and local laws for broadcasting online and on television.

3) Self promotion walks a thin line between “tacky” and “acceptable”… and is never a plus in any video.
4) Credits – Send us BLANK NO TEXT VIDEOS. Unless text is artistically part of your video and not advertising or promoting anything, please send us videos without any text or credits and we will get the credits from you and add them in our current style.

These are the credits we accept an will insert for you. The font style, size and placement we use may change. In some cases the name of the artist, the song, producers may be in a larger font if artistically part of the video. BUT NO URLS OR PROMOTIONS OF ANY KIND.
Self Promo Exception #1 CREDITS
– is that if the self promotion is restricted to the “credits” of the video done in the “traditional” music video style; plain text for 3 to 5 seconds, in the lower left corner of the video, in the beginning of your video and once again at the end of your video, 4 lines of text for “The Artist/Song” and  with a transition to a second set of credits in the same style for the “Production Team” credits.
LIKE THIS:(NO ALL CAPS allowed) 5 to 10 seconds into your video and first opening credits are 5 seconds long, in the lower left third of the video (NOT the lower “half”… tacky) :
DO NOT USE the lower right corner of your video, it may be used by watermarks or other logos related to our networks, sponsors, up coming news or events.
—–First Opening Credits———————-
Artist Name

Song Title
Album Title
InternetURL/Address (don’t put http or www, you don’t need it) i.e. or

Second Opening Credit – optional (Same style as above, No transition effects, straight cut to these second set of credits) 5 seconds long Max:
——-Second Opening Credits——————
Producer Name or Director Name
Producer or Production Company Name
Another Credit in Name Only
——–You may repeat again at the end of your video, same rules apply——————-
Producer or Director or Buy URL (Suggestion:ONE agreed upon website by your whole crew where you can give everyone credit).

Self Promo Exception #2 – if the self promotion is limited to the artist and producer/production company NAME ONLY done in a “movie style”, classy, looks like part of the video, part of the beginning of a major movie. But NO PHONE NUMBERS, EMAILS, PERSONAL NAMES ADVERTISERS/SPONSORS or WEBSITES in this style.
Note: If too many videos have intros like Exception 2, your video might be the one that we decide to not use. Focus on doing standard credits described in Exception 1 and keep your video focused on the music and style, not plugs or self promotion.
LIMITED WEBSITES ADDRESSES ONLY – everyone involved in your video needs to agree on a single website to drive traffic to for giving credit to others involved in the production of your video.
Put the website address as described in “Exception #1” above under the Production Team credits. NO PHONE NUMBERS, EMAILS, PERSONAL NAMES, they will be blurred out of the video or it will not be used on the air.
Think “artistic”, “classy”, “subtle” and in the best interest of the “Artist” and Producer or Production Company in name only and website in the credits only.
Tip #3 Offensive Content
If your video has cussing in it, guns waving around, talking/lyrics about violence to women or anyone else, the video is getting too sexually explicit, or references and gestures to drugs or use of drugs the video is probably not going to make it on broadcast television. Duh.